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How Does The SBDC Blog Help Your Business?

As highlighted in the various programs, trainings, and consultations offered by our agency, Southeast Colorado SBDC considers knowledge a key factor to successful business practices. The SBDC Blog provides valuable insight to various strategies and conversations happening in today’s economic climate. Expand your knowledge and discover the latest in small business news, tips, and tricks.

Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow With Julie Worley

Interview conducted on October 16, 2019

Over the past four years, Ms. Julie Worley has coordinated five Youth Entrepreneurship Fairs (E-fairs), which have been hosted in Southeast Colorado. On November 6, Lamar had its second annual Youth E-fair, encouraging young business-minded people in 5th-12th grade to present their business plans for the chance at monetary investments, all fully funded by local businesses, including us here at the Southeast Colorado SBDC. Not including Lamar’s most recent E-fair, over 150 business ideas presented by over 250 students from 22 school in Southeast Colorado (as well as private and home schooled students) have been showcased by the Youth E-fair, with over $12,00 in cash prizes awarded. Here with me to discuss this is Ms. Julie Worley.

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Opportunity Recognition

One of the most basic yet powerful tools that all successful entrepreneurs posses is the ability to recognize opportunities. Henry Ford saw the need for better transportation when he invented the automobile. Bill Gates saw the opportunity to jump into the computer revolution and started Microsoft, an almost trillion-dollar corporation. Walt Disney went from a poor farmer’s son to one of the most recognized brands worldwide by taking every opportunity he could find. By learning to recognize and embrace opportunities, you can create a successful business as well.

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How to Define Your Niche Market

One of the easiest mistakes to make when starting a small business is trying to appeal to every customer. While it is important to have a service or product that will be valued by many, too often young businesses fail because they have too many irons in the fire. If your attention, time, and resources are split between too many products or services, none will be of as high of quality. The saying “quality over quantity” is very true. To make it as a small business, you must concentrate on what makes you unique among your competitors and valued by your customers. This is the root of your niche market.

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Appealing to Investors

If your business begins to grow rapidly, looking for an investor will likely become a necessity. While this can be a stressful event, taking certain strides can make you more appealing to investors and increase your chances of securing the funding you need. Here are 7 steps to help you prepare for and pitch to investors.

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Southeast Colorado Business Of The Year!

On Friday, December 6, 2019 we cut a long ribbon to celebrate the opening of the Opera House Barber Shop. This is one of the several shops
that live on Colorado Avenue in La Junta, Colorado. What makes this shop
so special is not the size of the shop, its long history in the city or the fact
that it was reopened; it’s special because its reopening birthed from an
entirely different business plan.

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